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 custom t-shirts, original clothing brands and new fashion lines digital music store for trax 4 years entertainment we started out selling plain t shirts but we wasn't satisfied with that now we here with our brand str8 drop clothing in the streets str8 drop means the best we just taking a slogan and making it a lifestyle we bringing high quality fabrics and designs to the world we bringing high quality music from the world most talented artist and entrepreneurs 



pen flows fluent 

writer for str8 drop



is writer for str8 drop enterprise his literature is about life he likes to let his literature flow like the steady streams on a rainy day


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a little more

with dollar chips being 2.50 you have to do a little bit more to obtain the lifestyle you was once living the hustle has to upgrade in these times yesterdays price is not todays price in the same token yesterday hustle might not be enough today which is why you have to do a little more clothing prices is up gas is up  fast food prices is up light gas water sewage drivers license id renewals everything is up the expense itself is up in life is yesterday hustle still the hustle for you today we have to do a little more fast food prices is going up you have to come out with a little more to be comfortable 40 dollars in the tank not what it used to be life is pushing us to do a little more 



stability bein stable bein able to stand on your own two feet as a man as a woman as a human being  the courage to believe in your dreams the dedication to see results from having faith in your dreams are you stable enough to with stand the things that are on the road to success see everybody think this road isn't filled with the things they say are on the less fortunate roads if you make it out the bottom you not done its only the beginning  of your self control are you stable enough to control yourself do you understand the growth brings new things to teach you patience and more more things to keep you focused on success the stability to understand you dealing with something bigger are you stable enough to under stand that stability to be a boss of oneself you must be stable self sufficient do you have the stability to stand on your own having control of yourself is the biggest part of being a boss you can only control yourself and your commitments look into yourself before you look at the world around getting to know yourself will help you evolve in this world stability it goes on long way with you don't think for one second this is something you don't need stability to remain humble are you stable enough to be comfortable with who you are do you have the stability to have faith in yourself plenty days we had to just have faith in our self do you have the stability to look up some days and its just you with yourself dealing with yourself so you have the stability are you stable enough






  In life its about having the endurance to with stand the journey sports players race car drivers professional wrestlers doctors nurses life and death itself is about endurance success or fail is about endurance relationships friendships business situations is all about having the endurance mentally can you handle what life gives you can you handle the expectations you put on yourself is endurance to win bigger than your endurance to accept failure in this generation where so many feel entitlement who feels they deserve to give it everything they got who is going to come out long winded from being tired learning how to breathe who is going to get stronger from the weight on there shoulders who is going to let it fall maybe you need to re adjust do you have the endurance to pick it back up and try again its a word that holds significant value in your dreams desires and goals how much have you endured did it make you evolve into something better for your growth or something worse the mind is a powerful tool a powerful instrument that is so easily misdirected do you have the endurance to get back on road do you have the endurance to tell yourself we got this where some see obstacles others see opportunity to show what they made of do you have the endurance to put yourself in a position of bein optimistic in all the positives you want in your life all you endure is your insurance on your endurance through time you will cash in if you have stamina if you have the energy if you have the fire to go the distance the reality is in your actions the progress is in your journey the progression is in your daily movements wanting to be successful should be enough motivation you have to want it you have to have the endurance manifest it into everything you want it to be excellence comes from learning off mistakes which means your were trying and growing trying times make the best self believers endurance is word we use and keep going we are judge by how far we come but we are we reminded of where we started each step in the right direction makes each learning curve worth that much more to grow from can you endure some things to grow some 

time money and family 2

The hardest decisions we make always include time money and family as hard as we work to take care and provide for our families its seems as tho we never really have enough time to create memories with our family time money and family we spend so much time away from our families just to be able to get them things they want time and money is one thing we don't realize takes up so much of our time through this pandemic we hope you got to spend more time with your family getting to know your family making memories with your family so many times we use the time thinking we have more time and end up running out of time its funny if we could buy more time I don't think nobody would complain about using time and not being with family money we do so much and spend so much of our time on money creating generating establishing creating diversifying etc in god we trust yet we trust in this money with it we are happy enjoying life around others without it some of us are very evil and deceitful money separates families in so many ways through loss of time through desperate measures of our own selfish necessities we think spending more time to provide for our families is the way of life we been programmed to believe hard work is a good reason to use up so much time away from our families who is teaching the daughters to be women while the women work all day who is teaching the boys to be men while we work all day time money and family the biggest sacrifices we ever make in life always include these 3 and theres no way around it we want more hours in a day we want more days in a week we want more days in a month we want more days in a year but for what to have more time to work or to provide they say providing is fundamentally the most important thing for a child not spending time time money and family  tough choices tough decisions we seem to always feel as tho we making the right choices for our families now we not here to dictate or defend how any on used there time how they are with there family and how they are about there money time money and family we can't leave our family hungry we can't leave our family feelings less advantaged from financial restrictions we can't work less to be around our families because of all the things we trying to provide time money and family I respect you making sure your children appearance is up so there not picked on by other kids but all the things we do to keep them in a position of secureness and comfort does they really amount to when your child just wants to be with there parents for the day or is it our humbleness and our since of fulfillment providing that keeps us missing 40 60 80 100 hours a week to provide for the ones we barely see does getting all the things they want inline really make up for the time we can't get back teaching our children value teaching our children respect in a world who minds is manipulated and controlled by meaningful phrases that we hold close to our hearts and ambitions and mentality in a time where we seen like no other we still see those who put the money over the time and some who won't put the time in for the money time money and family is the success worth the memories we miss is the success worth missing the memories we only hear stories about they some times the only wy to understand the feeling is to be there so where ever you are just remember time money and family its what we use so much of to get as much as we can for the ones we see the least kids growing up while parents work to provide parents missing sports games school functions and events alll this just to take care of the ones growing up without us right before us feeling ignored not understanding its all for them and thats one hell of statement to understand depending on how you receive it and accept it a prisoner of there work is no different than of a prisoner of a jail a worker does not control there destiny the same way an inmate does not control there destiny both demanded to maintain a certain level of conduct or face in subordination we sacrifice so much time for the ones we love and know so little about time money and family is truly a sacrifice in itself time money and family when you sit back and think about it you begin to think about yourself your dedication your dreams your goals your loyalty to time money and family is truly something we have to do better at as whole using better we only get these days once we will never get this day again time money and family where do you really want me to begin




pursuit of success


make your reality everything you want it to be in the pursuit of your success evolve remember on your journey it is just that a journey embrace what's around you network have conversations use every moment to better yourself into everything you want to be in the pursuit of success there is no failure only learning curves learn from your mistakes and become more knowledgeable you only going to acquire the type of money the knowledge you have will allow you to accumulate in  your pursuit of success keep making focus is everything in your pursuit of success relax don't burn yourself out in your pursuit of success its a lot i could say about the pursuit of success but we not gone beat your head up its levels to your success so keep elevating keep growing keep believing in your ability to be great



Dont clog the stream

negative vibes clog the lane your good vibes flow down toward yourself don't clog the stream you can sit around people for hours and never create any positive conversation about growth there's no I in growth or development success isn't about our self don't clog the stream be patient with yourself and everything you want to accomplish don't clog the stream don't over saturate yourself with things it takes a team to do putting unnecessary headaches that takes attention away from using the energy to maximize yourself don't clog your stream life is something we all trying to figure out using our daily experiences to manifest something bigger better and more fluent as my pen continues to stream I remember when it was clogged my stream that is I had to recognize the positive energy I had to recognize the good in every storm I had to use every cold storm in my life to better myself life is about evolving in that you will keep your stream of good vibes open and growing remain who you are because in being yourself you will come across the ones you need to be everything you supposed to be remain true to who you are not what others want you to be in that your streams will continue to flow dont clog your stream

humble pie

If your losses don't inspire you what is your wins doing for you? in life there's a saying that we all say and it goes. "All i been through i deserve this i deserve that" all we go through in life is all part of the molding process what don't break you make you stronger covid 19 got the whole world humbled everybody on a budget everybody facing the same enemy life has a funny way of balancing egos balancing power the whole world focused on health life just showed why health is wealth and money is just a distraction humble pie lets talk more about this humble pie its a priceless food with a lot of nutrients for our mind body and soul when i think about this humble pie on the table i think about what it represents and what it can attract everything that taste good we always want more hunger can be a bad thing you don't want to get full off this humble pie see humble pie represents the balance in your nutritional in take what we in take into our bodies is important that includes energies maximizing your energy to put out the best you into the universe humble pie yes humble pie make sure you have your daily slice



The world is changing and as we embrace this internet phase of life have you took a look outside have you noticed the changes different businesses where old ones used to be have you noticed different buildings going up it's easy to restructure if everyone is in the house and not in the public evolution is upon us digital currencies etc the change is happening the turning point is here it's a free world we are free to educate ourselves without losing our thumbs this is the day and age where you have to train your people like the horse does there babies it's an independent world where you must use the basics to advance you must teach yourself and those around you these is the times where you have to come together the future  is in progress today for tomorrow they will be another day closer and I ask you what does your future hold we are approaching a new way of living a new independent phase where you have to be more self reliant on your blessings self sufficient is a better term for this day and age application is a great word in this century you have to apply yourself there more resources to help you put yourself in position than there is government assistance the new assistance is to put the people to work give the people every opportunity to better themselves speaking back on the word evolution take a trip through them areas see how things are changing infrastructure is different  alot of things are taking place take your place create your history in this new evolution evolving right before us


 Stay hungry


They say greed is sin but they say never lose your hunger so if you always hungry isn't that just being greedy what's keeps you staying hungry is it your family is it your habits is it your goals is it your burning desire to be spectacular in life don't let your hunger overceed your intelligence don't let your hunger over stand your Independence alot of people think success is easier obtained when you get put in a position you have to put yourself in gear what are you really hungry for there's no Wrong answer only small or big see what you develope a consistent flow of is you channel your hungers towards being amazing in life nobody said success road was easy so many people see that exit for success road but once they travel on it alot of em turn around they thought it wasnt worth it don't ever feel giving up is worth it I been in many stopping points turning points defining moments in my life I've learned more through my lessons which makes me stay hungry for my blessings that much more motivational for my self worth water your self worth take care of yourself inspire yourself every dream started our just your dream stay hungry for your dream work to be everything you know you are people might say you different or changing don't let them being unmotivated to handle of the work load deter you see you truly are what you be around because you only place yourself in areas you feel comfortable don't fall complacent stay hungry strong mind body and sound you were blessed with unimaginable gifts to be great unleash them don't fall victim to the laziness and distractions of others stay focused stay hungry in the winners circle is the ones who never gave up

stay inspired

life is what you make it to be life is everything we want it to be life is everything we are destined to be life is amazing life is constantly evolving and creating reaching new heights are you scared to elevate are you scared for your life to change from everything you ever known they say success is a sacrifice and you have to be willing to sacrifice some now for later in the event it all crash are you scared to gamble does your life revolve around the same routine nothing is wrong with normality but staying you get the same results doing the same activities in life we must learn from the negatives and water our positives every day is a gamble is a sacrifice but it is also the inspiration to take nothing and make something motivated to create my own blessings into reality and not just dream on them not just sit back and wait for someone to acknowledge my bright ideas or my writing's we had to make it possible and get those out to the world by making a sacrifice by taking a gamble on what we love to do the most stay inspired through all your results keep pushing keep writing keep everything coming together for our routines change but the motivation and the drive increases as we continue to work on more and more and bringing you more and more each step is a result either in the right direction or the wrong direction can you stay inspired taking two steps backwards can you spring yourself forward and remain humble I speak on life in general for we are all living and learning life all I can tell you is stay inspired chasing your dreams once you see a little light of success keep going keep staying inspired




keep going


life has its own way of humbling us through adversity the blessing is the strength you get from moving forward progress is what we all after but progress is something that hits a plateau at a certain point it comes a time where you just have to keep going self inspiration self motivation self determination they say in life we get the most things we are determined to acquire we don't get everything we want in life we get what we are most determined. There comes a time in our brains where we hit the on switch to things we are most determined to do no matter what arises we keep going and get it done our minds tell our body don't stop when we really want something our mind tells our body keep going we need it I guess the saying goes how bad do you want it  we tend to let mistakes hold us back or keep us from keep going but I'm here to tell you keep going for the strain is strength the mistakes is knowledge the humbling and regrouping is the patience and dedication success starts with the decision to be successful nobody said it was easy they say the easiest way to do something is take your time and do it the right way but taking thee approach of finding a million ways to do something wrong isn't bad either I guess once you get it right you wont experiment anymore on other ways to do it right because you did enough analyzing that resulted in unsuccessful attempts the strongest person are those that grow from mistakes they do say mistakes are the best teacher in life reaching for perfection theres nothing wrong with striving to be the best you can possibly be  remember you gotta keep going the bounce back is always higher than thee intitial come up its the fall that gives us the spring to go higher than before look at it as a basketball as a dope artist once said even a basketball has to fall to bounce higher so in life a humbling event will spring us forward its the growth through the setback that helps you advance so stay in good spirits and always keep going


pen flows fluent


the redirection of a culture

they say its as easy as putting up a reroute sign and people will follow when we see the idiocy they continue to report as hip hop the negativity the disrespectfulness they continue to associate with hip hop they say crimes in the street is hip hop when they view negative things in the lower class community its always surrounded around hip hop showing others its not about the music if you want to be publicized you have to do sum thing  that is lowering your value as a strong being crime is hip hop in this time and age they tried to classify a genre into levels sections and etc the plot to destroy hip hop and break down the influential messages and replace them with destructive and uneducational content they say we grow off what we feed ourselves and we are a direct result of what we ingest into our bodies  I see the lower class doing whatever they have to do to rise above the ignorance and hardships its like a kid from the ghetto still gone play football regardless of the risk he could die playing football to change his family but I guess it beats dying broke in the streets hustling trying to provide for ya family they say there is no reward without a risk just those willing to make the moves to do it well what moves exactly do you need to make do you feel you need to go the rerouted way to get where you going do you really need to be redirected is the redirected path out ya way did you think about that or you just follow the signs and the traffic some people think the easiest to get somewhere is to follow the next person but if we all got our own identity and vision you sure the re route was for youwithout getting too deep into how this big world of allusions works how bout we focus on the reality of your actual direction and you tell me if the redirection of a culture has took us to where we were going or where they want us head

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